A Strapping good morning

A teenaged daugher leans forward in a lunge position in front of a living room sofa, her shirt skirt pulled up and her knickers down, as her father spanks her bare bottom with a belt.

Perhaps being a bit less lippy would have done her some good. An apology for your error wouldn’t go amiss.

Doubling down on it, on the other hand, may be more problematic. As for who cares, well, he cares. He didn’t raise you to be like this.

So price is being paid. Here and now. His belt. Her bare bottom. Too late for regrets now.

She made her bed. Now she needs to take the whipping that comes with it.

Mr Motivator

In a gym, a young woman in a crop top and exercise shorts is beaten with a wide strap by a muscular man in shorts and vest

Like so many, she had joined the gym in a fit of new year’s panic, do something, make herself better.

And she had wanted to do well.

Her trainer, she was told, had unusual methods of seeing she met her goals.

And now she wanted to stop. But then her goals wouldn’t be met.

And so, a bit of additional motivation was applied to her poor little rear end.

“He’s a strapping good man”, they had said.

And the warm glow spreading across her bottom told her how true that was.

Late arriving impacts

A senior schoolgirl in a short dress rests her hands on the desk of a Principal's office, while bending forward and leaving her bottom sticking out. He stands with has back to us, paddle swinging towards her pert little bottom.

A pattern of being late brings Sarah into the Principal’s office for a discussion about her timekeeping, the importance of not missing parts of your school day, and the need to take responsibility when for your attendance.

These points are swiftly re-inforced as she bends over the desk for a brisk encounter with his paddle.